Zetro Aerospace Corporation has its root in the Zet Aero Trading founded in 1981 by Dato' Hj. Mohd Zamri bin Hj. Muda.  Its initial operation was done as an agency and a supplier servicing a government contract, catering for the provision of aircraft and other spare parts for the Royal Malaysian Air Force.  In 1984, with the setting up of Zet Aero Engineering, Zetro brought to Malaysia the T-56 engine facilities.  Subsequently this was handed over to AIROD and Zetro concentrated on avionics and electronics aspects of the industry in line with the Malaysian Aerospace Industry Blueprint

In 1994, Zetro Corporation set up itself as a significant player in the aerospace world.  Zetro set up in-country repair facilities to cater for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of avionics, instrument, electrical and accessories, air traffics and air defence radar, navigational aids and communication systems and accessories. To consolidate the whole ogranization, Zetro Aerospace Corporation was formed with all other Zetro companies as its subsidiaries.