Zetro's Centre of Excellence, is located at Malaysia International Aerospace Centre (MIAC), Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang.

ZETRO Centre of Excellence (ZCOE), encompasses a Central Repair Facility (CRF), Military and Commercial Avionics Laboratories, Ground Electronics and Calibration Laboratories, Mechanical Workshop and a Helicopter MRO facility.  All these facilities are operational and have repaired or serviced components and aircraft and delivered to customers.

Its Central Repair Facility is equipped with the state-of-the-art test equipment with the capability to diagnose and troubleshoot a wide array of LRUs giving extensive capabilities with almost limitless areas when it can be applied, including Air Defence Radar and Missile Systems for the Military and Air Traffic Control Radar Systems for both civil and military applications.

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The avionics workshops caters for both the military and commercial aviation sectors.   Zetro has acquired considerable experience in maintaining avionics equipment from military aircraft and is well equipped to extend this experience to commercial aviation.

The Calibration Laboratory has the capability to calibrate a wide variety of test equipment. both electronics as well as mechanical, which are in current use with Zetro as the Royal Malaysian Air Force.  Furthermore we are in constant contact with the National Calibration authorities and have the ability to acquire additional capabilities.

The Mechanical Workshop has acquired capabilities in repair / overhauling of generators, environment control systems and other mechanical ancillaries of radar systems, including repair / renovation of Radomes and overhaul of radar turning gear systems.

The Helicopter MRO facility with a hangarage area of 97,356 sq ft presents a large facility with ample space for future expansion.  The facility was setup in September 2009 and we received our first customer's helicopter on 02 October 2009, for a 500-Hour check.  Since then we have received 6 other helicopters for various type of works / maintenance.  We have already delivered 2 and work is in progress on 4 other helicopters.  One notable work-in-progress is the complete build-up of a helicopter from bare chassis AS350B to AS350BA flyable version.

Zetro Centre of Excellence, situated strategically in the MIAC, is expected to see continued growth in the field of aerospace MRO.  Zetro has been continuously developing taking into account the current progress in aviation / radar technology.  It has contributed significantly to the development of local aerospace industry and aspires to stay in the forefront of aerospace technology.