Zetro Technology Sdn Bhd (350134-T)

Propelling Zetro Into The Future World of State-Of-The Art Technology

Zetro Technology
was set up with the aim of bringing the other Zetro Subsidiary companies to the forefront of the state-of-the-art technology by focusing its efforts in the acquisition of technology through being the recipient of transfer of technology and undertaking the implementation of new projects.

Zetro technicians have been involved in the acquisition of technology through training in Italy when Malaysia purchased Italian warships for Royal Malaysian Navy.  Zetro is also involved in the transfer of technology programme pertaining to the acquisition of Lynx helicopters for the RMN, Agusta helicopters for the Army and Sukhoi SU-30 fighter jets for the RMAF.  Another milestone in Zetro Technology's achievement was the installation and commissioning of the ARPA Radar System for Kertih Port Sdn. Bhd. (a Petronas Company) located at Kertih, Terengganu.

ZETRO has acquired the capabilities to design, install, integrate and commission coastal radar surveillance, and command and communication systems.

In its constant pursuit of exploiting advanced technology to upgrade the systems it is maintaining, Zetro Technology has designed and developed ZeRRDiS, or Zetro Remote Radar Display System, which has become the first generation of the Radar Display System developed by ZETRO.  ZeRRDiS is an automated state-of-the-art Radar Display System capable of receiving of radar plots from a single or multiple sensors and processing the received data to generate and display the Local Air Picture (LAP) of the environment surrounding the sensor or a composite Recognised Air Picture (RAP) if the data is received from multiple sensors.

Another project under development is the ZeBaIS, or Zetro Base Information System.   ZeBaIS is a PC-based system that provides the means for centralised monitoring and management of the day-to-day air operations nationwide, including Search and Rescue or the crises events, and has the ability to display a variety of related information for use by the Commander